Flying Free:Life After Crisis

This is a narration by the author of Flying Free, Dean Rush.

Dean Reads: the book... "will help you avoid some of the turmoil during the times you're in freefall and subsequently assist you to fly free from your problems. Perhaps it will help you avoid a crash landing when you finally come down to earth. We all find personal methods of recovering from crisis to crisis can also be a great opportunity for finding in the future. The student pilot learns many necessary actions and principles to safely operate a plane during preparation to become a qualified aviator. In addition to learning the basics of fair weather flight the pilot learns how to manage and aircraft in emergency situations objective for pilots to maintain aircraft control. Flight is best illustrated by the Emperors of the air the Eagle.

If your intro all of the freedom of flight as i am one of the most majestic sites in the world is to see an eagle drop off its nest high on a cliff. At the top of the tree the eagle stands on the edge of the nest stretches those majestic wing 6 to 7 feet and then lifts above the surrounding tree and flies off on its mission. Baby Eagles 'eaglets' are quite a different story as they spend their first days of life out of the egg waiting to be fed they soon begin bobbing around the confines of the nest searching for way to fly free and become independent eagle seem to be constantly searching for freedom as they grow in the tour they're very interesting animals because their mobile their bold and they're monogamous a partner for life. Eagles protect their habitat in every possible manner and vigorously protect their young not too different from us as humans in many ways."

Join Dean on a journey toward the rewards of faith, love and recovery.

Flying Free:Chapter One Narrated


This is a must read. Dean's description of his life, and lessons learned, is not only captivating, but will provide the proper motivation for anyone going through any type crisis! I only wish I had read this book nine years ago.

Bobby Hillin, NASCAR driver and business owner

Dean Rush is an angel without wings and one of the finest mentors in America. He has packed five lifetimes into one: family man, fighter pilot, aviation entrepreneur, aviation executive and pastor. He is my friend and co-worker. I get to enjoy his grace, wisdom and common sense every day. And now, you do too!

Robert Emmitt, Pastor Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX

Dean Rush is a wonderfully wise and skillfully competent leader and pilot. In Flying Free, he provides us a rich reservoir to draw from as we learn to face personal tragedy and resume full flight.

Dr. Dave Earley, Director of the Lovett Center for Ministry Training, Director and Chair of Pastoral Leadership and Church Planting, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

I encourage you to read Dean's story, and to apply the wisdom he shares. His faithfulness and humility are rare for men in his caliber. I've had the honor of his mentoring, and friendship, through good and tough times in both of our lives, and you would do well to add this to your library, and better, to your understanding of character.

Daniel Comp, technology entrepreneur