Flying Free:Life After Crisis

Listen to a narration of Chapter One by Dean Rush.

listen to a narration by Dean

Chapters are available as MP3 files to listen as you go.

In this thoughtful guide to dealing with life's challenges, Dean Rush offers wise, spiritual counsel to men, women, and families facing dramatic and often unexpected change in their lives.

If you are dealing with job loss, divorce or other personal and family crises, Flying Free offers valuable lessons and provides a "flight plan" for success that will guide you through the most formidable of life's tests.

After a distinguished career as a pilot during the Vietnam conflict and a subsequent successful career in aviation, Dean dealt with a series of his own challenges that he successfully faced with sound principles and unwavering faith.

Marked by deep understanding, empathy and a strong foundation of scripture, these principles provide a clear map to the great rewards that can come in the midst of change.

  1. Never give up!
  2. Challenges can bring great rewards!
  3. Faith and family are two things that money can't buy.
  4. Problem solving doesn't have to be difficult.In the midst of a storm...use faith.
  5. Change is your reward, NOT your punishment.
  6. Great opportunities can come from life's problems.
  7. A forced change may put you exactly where you should have been all along.
  8. Worry is a waste of life time.

Join Dean on a journey toward the rewards of faith, love and recovery.


"Dean Rush is an angel without wings and one of the finest mentors in America. He has packed five lifetimes into one: family man, fighter pilot, aviation entrepreneur, aviation executive and pastor. He is my friend and co-worker. I get to enjoy his grace, wisdom and common sense every day. And now, you do too!"
    -- Robert Emmitt, pastor, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, Texas

"This is a must read. Dean's description of his life, and lessons learned, is not only captivating, but will provide the proper motivation for anyone going through any type crisis! I only wish I had read this book nine years ago."
    -- Bobby Hillin, NASCAR driver and business owner

"Dean Rush is a wonderfully wise and skillfully competent leader and pilot. In Flying Free, he provides us a rich reservoir to draw from as we learn to face personal tragedy and resume full flight."
    -- Dr. Dave Earley, Director of the Lovett Center for Ministry Training, Director and Chair of Pastoral Leadership and Church Planting, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

"I encourage you to read Dean's story, and to apply the wisdom he shares. His faithfulness and humility are rare for men in his caliber. I've had the honor of his mentoring, and friendship, through good and tough times in both of our lives, and you would do well to add this to your library, and better, to your understanding of character."
    -- Daniel Comp, technology entrepreneur