On Thursday afternoon ,June 30,  a "chance" meeting took place at the Phoenix airport.  Two jets "happened" to taxi up to a ramp  at the same time.  Former President Bill Clinton climbed out of his plane and onto the other airplane occupied by the Attorney General of the United States.  The Attorney General and the President both stated it was coincidence that they were there at the same time. The President's wife was being investigated for "extreme" violations of security breaches on her personal mail server. Both individuals said the conversation did not involve the investigation. The Attorney General later stated that "she would probably accept the recommendation of the Director of the FBI "who was investigating the former President's wife".  Only four days later the recommendation not to indict  Mrs. Clinton was anounced,  but with specific findings.

FBI Announcement 

The Director of the FBI, in his announcment on July 5, also stated there had been 118 violations of transmitting classified information over an unprotected server, unprecedented loss of 8000 emails that were subpeoned by the United States Congress, and he also stated that Mrs. Clinton had been "grossly negligent" in handling of classifed information.

There have been six convictions  in the last eight years of other people who mishandled classified information. During my tenure in the Air Force, we, who were qualified to handle  Top Secret documents, were told and expected to be prosecuted for any mishandling of that information. 

This not Political

I have been careful to not make this blog a forum for any political reteric. In this case ,my thoughts may be considered political but I cannot sit back and not voice my opinion.   WHY is Mrs. Clinton  above being prosecuted for the violating the codes and laws of the United States?  If she were to become President, would we allow her to handle the most important secrets of this nation?

I don't always agree with either candidate for the Predidency of the United States in this election, but can and will state that Mrs. Clinton is a travesty to our system and should not be considered to lead her party for the office of President. My grandfather was a staunch democratic leader but, I believe were he alive today, he would do anything possible to have Hillary Clinton replaced as the party's candidate for the office of President.  I believe there are much more honest, able, and qualified candidates who would add credibility to the office of the President.

In Him