What today means to many families!

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. For many it means a sale on the goods  at the local shopping center. For others it is a day off work, or a celebration at the beach.  For others today is a day of remembering a family member who didn't come home from combat.  It is a family without a husband, father, or wife, daughter, or loved one who left with a promise of tomorrow which is now a lost dream for the future. The missing family member may have gone to war because of a call to service, a patriotic dream, or the incentive to just help another society that doesn't know freedom. It is the fact that a loved one made a one way trip into a world unseen by many. Many Americans have taken for granted the news stories about battles thousands of miles away. The fact not easily seen or felt today by Americans in this magnificent country is a vision shared by each of these fallen heroes. The fallen being celebrated today simply wanted to serve to be a small part of the dream called freedom. 

May God Bless the families who were left behind and let them know their sacrifice was not in vain.

In Him