What are we doing?

We Live in a Diverse World

We live in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in America. On our block we have couples from Indonesia, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Egypt and ,oh yes, a few Americans as well.The people come from all walks of life and religions. They all have things in common They all love their families, they love the education system here for their children, they are highly educated, and they share a common love and admiration  for the United States of America. They are mystified by the opposing political parties holding up needed legislation. Another  dominant question  they share  is  about the debate on what we are going to do about the undocumented (illegal) immigrants in the country? Most of the friends on the block  are either Green Card holders, possess visas, or are applicants for citizenship via the legal system. Some have waited seven years to become citizens. They are mystified and upset by the proposals to grant amnesty to the people who have entered the United States illegally.

Why are Not Vetting Immigrants?

Our neighbors also question why Americans are arguing over vetting the people who enter the United Sates from certain predominantly Muslim nations.  President Obama named  seven nations for vetting when he was in office.  A practising Muslim on the block told me that " The radical factions of his religion are not really Muslims, but are much like the Klu Klux Klan in America. They do not practice love of other people, are discriminatory, radically endocrinated, and do not represent the thoughts of the majority."

What is the Answer?

What are we doing to correct the situation and how can you help as an individual? I believe it boils down to admitting there is a problem, realizing that we must find a solution now, and obeying the law.  Our laws were made for a purpose far beyond politics.

Your are welcome to express your opinion if it is different that mine. I have written this because people from a number of countries have made me aware they are amazed that America, with all of it's intellectual resources cannot develop a solution for the problem.

What are you doing to solve the problem?