Unexpected Blessings

Flying Free-Life After Crisis

If you have read my book, Flying Free-life After Crisis, you are aware that I have had a couple of experiences with cancer Although unwelcome, the disease has bee found by "accident" that I now realize was not by chance but by God. The first diagnosis was detected by my family physician in Lockhart, Texas.

I owned a small aviation business that included some charter services. On a very inconvenient day for schedule changes a pilot called me and said he was unable to fly that afternoon. I was feeling lethargic and losing weight so I went to see my doctor. He looked me over and announced I "was not flying that afternoon"  He asked what diet I was on and I told him I was not on a diet. He immediately referred me to a doctor in Austin. The doctor there was a customer at my aviation business where he owned an airplane. ( I thought he was a veterinarian!).I arrived at the doctor's office and was surprised to find he was a  medical doctor and not a veterinarian but, in this case  was pleased that I was wrong about his credentials.  He laughed when I confessed my mistake but  examined me to see what the problem was with my weight and energy level. He performed a series of tests and determined I had  a high stage of prostate cancer. Not getting to fly was upsetting to me but now I realized God had much more important plans for me. 

God's Plan Works The Best

What I considered a problem was just God's way of leading me to the cure for my problem. I have now experienced other evidences that He is in charge and we need to pay attention to His will and not ours. 

Ephesians 1:11  explains :"In Him we were so chosen,, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity  with the purpose of His well. "  (NIV) I will relay some additional evidence in my next blog.

The bottom line is do not forget that  God is often taking care of you when your circumstance looks seems stressful.