Unemployed and Searching

We presently live in the energy corridor of Texas and it has become abundantly clear that many families are going through a tough and frustrating time in their lives. Both blue collar and white collar workers are being laid off by the thousands. That experience is one of the most poignant times in our lives. The identity these wage earners have had with themselves as an engineer, an administrator, project manager, financial officer, custodian, etc. etc. is suddenly lost. Many people become depressed and hide from reality. The reality is simply that if you don't have a job it is time to go find one. We live in a society which allows us to be transient.  Here are some tips that work:

1.  Admit you are out of work. You need to accept your condition before you can  change it and go forward.

2.  Think and pray about what career you have always wanted to try but could not find yourself giving up a secure job to pursue. Investigate that area and careers there. This may be a time to have dreams come true. Oft times there are slots in that career that require the skills you have been learning in your old job. Talents can be transferred without too much trouble. You can do something you have always dreamed of doing. 

3.  Understand that because you were a vice president in your old position, you may have to start in a new company at lower level in the hierarchy and work your way up.

4.   Immediately, stop spending money the way you have been with a weekly pay check.  Develop a no frills budget and ,if there is money left each week, place it in a secure account for the next time there is a crisis. 

I will be writing more about the subject in future articles.  I can speak with authority because over the years as an entrepreneur, I found myself facing reality,and learned that each  experience is an opportunity for increased wisdom that can have a positive effect in your life.  


Paraphrasing:  James 1:-2-3 in the bible talks about being thankful for all challenges, because it builds perseverance. Hang in there because you are about to become stronger, smarter, and more thankful for everyday of your life.