Travel Addiction

New Experiences !

When I was a child I remember my parents drove from Indiana to New York and visited Niagara Falls. It was exciting and somewhat scary for a youngster to see the magnificent power of the falls. There were guard rails keeping us from the getting too close to the edge of the roaring river below. The barrier was there simply to protect us from falling to a dramatic death. I remember those guard rails because they produced a feeling of safety in an strange environment. The unfamiliar environment  has taught me to love the shot of adrenaline that comes with every new experience. My wife initiated the addiction  because she loves to travel. 

The Education Experience Continues

 As my life has progressed to advanced maturity I have explored many other parts of the world previously unknown to the farm kid who visited Niagara Falls. Awareness of each new destination brings more anticipation of an educational experience and adventure. As a senior citizen, I now see traveling and exploring new points as a passion. The protective guard rails at Niagra Falls are replaced by an open mind that protects me from the apathy of being satisfied in my present location. I realize I enjoy the experience of meeting new people and seeing new sights.    

I am  comfortable now  traveling to the Middle East where many see only danger. Although Israel is in the crosshairs of every other nation in the Middle East, it is seen as the safest place to travel in the world. 

Realize that God Made Our World Possible

I want to see and experience as much as I can in these last few years of life. Actually, it is not the travel that I yearn for as much as the desire to admire and ingest all that God has created. We can assume that there are  more sights  to see than we will have the time to experience. I have finally realized God is bigger and more creative than we can ever comprehend.  If there is an addiction, it is to experience the wondrous works that God has created.

In Him