There is a Missionary in My Home

Photo  I Married a Missionary

I married a missionary.  My wife has a gift of hosting people from every ethnicity and culture. Vickie was well educated in learning other cultures from her younger years. She attended grade school in Japan, Junior High in Germany and the United States.  Vickie topped off her education by graduating from high school and beginning college in Ethiopia. Somehow, she ended up marrying this farm boy who only dreamt of traveling out of Indiana. I had no idea that her ability to know others would so positively affect my life and lives of others.

Missionary Traits are Her Gift to Others

Over the last 48 years of marriage, I have learned that her experience in knowing other cultures has payed dividends in so many ways. She is at ease with people speaking other languages, dressed differently, and those with a different complexions.The dividend comes into focus when people walk into our home and we realize they are exactly like us. They love their families and they worship a God but not always our God. The guests who worship their own deity, are also welcome and equally loved. Vickie's missionary traits engage and she is able to share the love of Christ through her example and that makes the difference for everyone who walks in the door. Love provides the connection to all people, all languages, and all cultures. 

The Missionary in Our Home

On our block we have neighbors from Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Pakistan,  even the United States. All those folks feel welcome in our home when they understand they are surrounded by sincere friendship. I have been witness to the fact that love is the real missionary gift to others. 

 I am thankful for Vickie being my wife, but also thankful to have been witness to so many  cultures in our home. All those visitors have one thing in common, they are loved and accepted.

Yes, I am blessed with a missionary wife.  She doesn't preach. She just demonstrates the love Christ.

                     "Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law"

                      Romans  13:10