Successful Living

When I was a young man , many decades in  the past, I yearned for success. I determined I would measure success in wealth, business acumen, management ability, nice home, and financial security. I was able to achieve nearly all of those objectives, even after making some prideful mistakes, however, I never felt the peace and calm  that I knew, in my heart, would come with the accomplishment of  reaching those targets. 

After examining the elements of those dreams from the past  and my lack of enthusiasm at the result, I realized I must have been naive in looking at what the world considered success. I was expecting that the business investments I had made would bring true satisfaction. Now with the majority of my life behind me, it has become obvious that my life in human terms, was going to come to an unsatisfactory conclusion. I was spending resources in the wrong investments. 

Suddenly, I remembered that famous verse from John 3:16 in the bible. It says,"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that all who believed in Him, would have ever lasting life." That simple verse was the answer to my quest for success. If I was going to truly have success, I also had to have faith. I could look forward to a peaceful and truly successful future with no termination. Additionally, I still allowed me to appreciate the true positive gifts on earth. It suddenly became apparent  that the best investments I could make now and in the future were in Faith and Family. 

I pray you learn the true meaning of success in life now and not after you have reached my age. The dividends in the investment begin much sooner if you don't wait until you are older to be enjoy faith and family.