Higher Power

A stall is a very important element of flying an airplane. You must be able to recognize the onset of a stall in order to properly recover and return to normal safe flight. In lay vernacular, a stall is initiated by slowing an airplane down to the lowest possible controllable airspeed and then continuing into an uncontrollable element.  There are various ways of recovering from a stall but they all result in two actions. The first is to recognize the condition and then initiate actions to overcome the circumstance. Interestingly, there is always an indication of an impending stall in every airplane manufactured.  Normally ( not true in all cases) is simple fact that airspeed is quickly dissipating and then a burble on the controls warns of the impending problem.  If  not corrected immediately , there could be a horrible result. The most important element of the recovery is to regain sufficient flying airspeed to again control the aircraft. You do that by lowering the nose to increase the airspeed or adding enough  power to increase airspeed. . The higher power will normally fly you out of the problem by providing a higher  and  then a controllable airspeed due to the increased power setting

I have found life very similar to the airplane necessity of maintaining sufficient airspeed so that my life is controllable. If I slow down too much, I find my self unreliable in doing what God wants me to do. I slough off my duties and my appreciation for the wonderful gifts of life he has bestowed upon me.  If, however, I look to Him for more ability His higher power somehow moves me forward. Like most of you, I have stalled  a few times in my life, but it is wonderful when we recover and can see the safety of life through His higher power. We  can stall when we are disappointed in a job, a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or simply through fatigue. In all cases I have found that if go to God for more power, His higher power gets me through the stall and back to life. 

Keep Up the Mach!!