Good - Bye Sweet Beetle

Good-bye Sweet Beetle


Good -bye sweet beetle. When Volkswagon announced yesterday that they were stopping production of the VW Beetle it caused my mind to storm back to college days when I had invested in a 1957 version and it was unique. I used it with another fraternity brother to haul dirty laundry to and from a local cleaner who paid us 30 cents per shirt and 40 cents per pair of pants for our effort.  We could get at least 200 shirts and 100 pairs of pants stuffed into that car with enough room to maneuver the gear shift.  There was a fabric moon roof so the dirty cloths could be stuffed in from the top. (It was sometimes a smelly ride to the laundry.)

She Was Unique

The auto had some very unique features. It was one of the first cars manufactured with turn signals. There were little stick looking lights that popped out when you  pushed a button on the steering wheel the left or right.

Good -bye sweet beetle.The car also gave me the freedom to travel a bit with special friends who didn’t mind the  less than comfortable accommodation. I especially remember the road trips from school to Chicago and other places with my friends.  . My prayer life increased because of that little Beetle because I prayed earnestly to  the Lord to get my passengers back to school safely! My partner in the laundry business, Terry Etter, is now in heaven but we both expected to be there (in heaven)  early because of the car.

On a trip to his home in St. Louis our ride overheated and abruptly stopped on the inside lane of an interstate. Like any other less than rational college student, we both walked across the 4 lane highway stopping traffic by raising our hands. I am not sure that would work today?


Good-bye sweet beetle!