Forced Opportunities



 Opportunities Affect Life

I currently live in Houston , Texas and while the rest of America is enjoying very low fuel prices, our area is experiencing a tough economy.  There are massive lay offs from every direction in the energy industry and more coming. I often hear people say we cannot make it without a job and my advice is concise.  You don't have to stay in the same career and, sometimes, I believe God presents us with opportunity when our outlook is the worst. 

 Problems Become Opportunities

Sometimes the economy forces us  to look for new opportunities. Many years ago I developed  some businesses and was working hard to grow those enterprises. I felt somewhat successful but still wanted to make the ventures bigger and more profitable. Feeling tired and losing weight, I went to see my  family doctor. I was, surprisingly, diagnosed with an serious form of prostate cancer.  The doctors announced that I had a very small chance to live more than 2 years.  

My Perception of Opportunity Changed Dramatically

You might imagine that the future looked very dreary and I began feeling sorry for myself.  I increased my depression by engaging huge doses of self pity. I was ready to give up. My wife and children were doing everything possible to help but my future looked dismal.  After finally reaching the darkest period in my life, I was alone and wanted to express my feelings directly to God.  I remember telling Him that "I have messed up my life. I can't control anything. I am worthless to my family, and , Lord, you are totally in charge. I cannot make it any farther on my own." 

 Opportunity  then meant Living for God

As I remember the next few days following my confession of inadiquency, there was a massive change in my attitude towards life. I was able to replace pity with thankfulness for the opportunity to live and be with my family, my life, and my friends. I finally had realized I could not make changes on my own.. He, The Lord God  Almighty, was totally in charge and I was  not. Shortly after that prayer of submission, I began to recover.  Opportunities God presents are massive His donated assets of health and life  even with me.  He gave me an opportunity to contribute rather be a burden.  Thank you Lord. 

Take Advantage of the Opportunities God Gives You!