Differences of Opinion

People Believe Their Opinion is Correct !

Many people have the mistaken impression their view is the best and only correct opinion. Personal viewpoints become  especially evident during the period leading up to a Presidential election.  I have, recently had friends tell me they will not stay in America if Hillary wins the election.  I have heard the same thought by people opposing Hillary.. I am not certain sure who will win the race in November, but I consider it foolish for educated people to assume they would make a difference by running away. 

The Apostle Paul Was Once Considered a  Tyrant  in his Society!

When the Apostle Paul was converted to believe in Jesus in Acts 9 in the bible he had been  torturing Christians most of his life. The Christians were afraid of him.  Further, they were mortified and untrusting when he appeared after his conversion and began preaching. It took a Miracle of healing and preaching that could be witnessed before his real proof as an apostle was  accepted ( see Acts 10).  

We may be in a similar situation in  our country when so many people are afraid of the opposing party's candidate. The Republicans don't trust Hillary Clinton and the Democrats feel the same about Donald Trump. I think our country  deserves us to endure the challenge of accepting the winning candidate and then hold them accountable if they do not adequately and truthfully govern.  What were those oft quoted words again, "In God We Trust"?

Maybe, just maybe, we need to trust God more than our own prejudice. Our forefathers have made a lot sacrifices so that we all, ethnicities, races, gender, religions, or lifestyle can enjoy the ability to decide.  Running away only squanders the truth. The Bible says, again and again,  for believers to be , "Strong and Courageous....".  Running from the obligation to be a part of a society is not being courageous. It is avoiding an obligation for future improvement of a society. 

I pray my friends who are promising to run will take another look at the opportunity to hear and think differently than in the past. 

In Him