Sometimes Change is not welcome!

We all experience change. Sometimes change is not welcome but it is inevitable. I believe, change is essential and normal as we go through life.

Visions of Granduer 

When I was in high school, I had feelings of grandeur. If I wasn't the best at something, I needed to attempt to be the best.   Unfortunately, I was best at only a few tasks. Some tasks were not worthy of recall. I could toss hay to cattle with the best of them. I could scoop out the chicken house quicker than anyone (mainly because it was a job I hated and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible). I, however, was not the best athlete, the best student, or the most popular. Change in those areas of my life required effort on my part. Effort may not have been my most enduring quality at that phase of my life. 

Reality in College

When I was in college, I quickly learned that I was not the best at most tasks (most notably studies). To be successful I had to change my study habits and buckle down. After concentrating more thoroughly on improving my grades there was surprising improvement.  My scores did not impress my classmates or the professors but were sufficient to graduate. By changing my priorities, it was easier to reach the goal of graduation. I learned enough to use those improved study methods in graduate school and my grades were much better than my undergraduate work.

After college, I married and change came in rapid bundles. There was a necessity to think beyond today. I was off to war and had to leave my bride with only a small pay check from the Air Force, an unfurnished apartment, and a pregnancy we had not planned before my departure.  Those actualities all required changes. My wife and I learned from and used those lessons throughout our lives.

Change Grows Responsibility

The next phase of life was constantly filled with change. I started businesses and some were successful and others only expensive learning processes. During those years, there were constant changes in location, ages, responsibilities of our family, education, illness, future capabilities, employment, and numerous other factors. In the end, all those lessons served to be valuable with the progression of life. I was beginning to learn that change provided some strength in developing perseverance. James 1:2 in the bible talks about being thankful for all change or challenge because it develops  perseverance. Maybe change does make us stronger.

Final Changes!

I am now experiencing the last phase of life. I am aging. I know I am getting old because there are several unexpected indications. I regularly receive advertisements in the mail that I can qualify for discounts on my cremation (innovative advertising). Who would have thought something that up as a marketing tool? Oh yes, we receive notices that when we can no longer hear, see, or go to the bathroom alone there are trained care givers who will assist me in that "change". I have suddenly become aware that there are other requirements to acccompany change which result in debilitating factors?  I would have expected aging to require the least adjustment but it is apparent that this last phase of life we experience the  most change.  In fact, this phase of life is also the most rewarding. I now know where my priorities lie and can focus on those objectives that truly make a difference. I believe the Bible speaks tons in Jeremiah 29:11. That verse (paraphrased) says Know that God has great plans for us. Plans not to harm you, but to help you and protect you throughout your life. I believe those words to be true and have great confidence that the next phase of life to be eternal. The next big change will be amazing. I pray you have made plans to expect the same reward.

In Him