Basics of Maintaining Control

In an earlier article we briefly discussed the first rule of flying when an emergency arises.

The first action is to MAINTAIN CONTROL and most people say that is the toughest part of an emergency situation. How do you maintain control when everything is coming apart around your life?  I have discovered that the first thing you have to do is be strong and follow the instructions that Moses gave to Joshua in Deuteronomy 31:6 . Moses was handing over his command of the entire Israeli army to Joshua. Joshua did not feel qualified or experienced enough to handle the task as he had always relied on Moses  to make the right decision when the army faced tough situations.  Moses gave Joshua the advice in that bible verse that was relayed to me by grandfather when I was en route to Vietnam.  My grandfather asked me if I was scared to go into combat. He then told me to memorize the verse.  Moses said, " Be strong and Courageous, do not be afraid, because the Lord, your God goes with you and will not abandon you, even in the face of your enemy..."  The verse is very truthful because it reiterates the strength of the Lord is not for other people or perfect situations. His strength is ever present even when we face the toughest encounters. Sounds simple but having courage provides a great foundation for making the correct decision in any situation.   After my grandfather's recommendation, I did memorize that verse and have found it extremely helpful as emergency situations have popped up in my life. Recommend you memorize it as well.

Like the oak tree, maintain strength through every storm in life. 

We will discuss the next step in handling emergencies in the next article