Amazing Phenomenon

The Team

I was fortunate to  play basketball in college. It was an honor to play at that level and even more of a blessing to get to know my teammates. They came from every possible background. There were some from wealthy families and others who like me and just thankful to be able to get to a university for a college degree. 

One black member!

Our team had one Black player, Met Jolley. Mel was a gifted player who excelled in every element of competition,  The team played in many venues. We were sometimes harassed by fans and one time by police in Florida because of  Mel’s presence on the team.
    Today Mel can be recognized  as he should have been in 1962, a great teammate and friend.   Thank the country of waking up and recognizing all Americans as equals. Today is a different era and time because of Dr. Martin Luther King's  contribution to our nation. I stand amazed at the advancement in the last 50 years that erased so much prejudice and bigotry. Advancement does not equal victory over bias. Yes, we need to continue trying to eleminate all discrimination. With the events of this past week with provide eveidence that there is much more to do to carry on the work of Dr. King!  We reached a milestone but it is but one step in the objective of treating all people equal in our culture. We still have a lot of work to do to carry on the intent of Dr King's the great leadership. Thank you Lord for opening our eyes to truth. “From Him and to Him, all things are possible. To Him be the glory forever! Amen." (Romans 11:36)

In Him