A Worthy Cause!

I am excited about the upcoming generation. Future generations ,if properly trained, can influence society and the world in a very positive way. I believe we can also encourage the success of that upcoming generation by helping them through the education process. 

  I have told some of you that I am spending a vast amount of time and money as a trustee of Hallmark University in San Antonio. Hallmark is a non-profit, accredited university.  It is an exciting school which teaches character building traits (biblical principles) in every course. My goal is to get Christ into the workplace. I believe if we train young people to know Christ and live by biblical principles, they can reach multitudes of new believers. Hallmark is acheiving that goal. Their graduates are sought by the best companies and organizations because they are both competant in their career field but also in their character.

Concentrated Class Schedules Result in Quicker Employment!

The school is organized so that students at Hallmark can finish their bachelors degree in 28 months. They can complete an associate’s degree in 14 months.  The cost of the school represents about 45% of the normal tuition cost for other universities. The students do not get  spring breaks or summer vacations but attendance at school is very much like going to a job. They obtain their degree much faster, have lower college loans. Many have no loans to pay off  because they can schedule jobs while they are in school, and they get a paying job much faster than other college graduates.

Students at Hallmark are trained for a career and not just a degree.  As a result, more than 90% are employed within 90 days of graduation. The jobs are in fields that bring very reasonable salaries and opportunities for growth.

About 85% of the students are minority ethnicities and 30% military, active duty or retired. Many of the attendees are the first people in their extended family to achieve an advanced degree after high school. I was privileged to speak at the fall commencement of Hallmark and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in many years. I was able to witness first-hand the joy and exhilaration of seeing families living through the lives of the graduates.

Hallmark exists because people like you and I who have had an opportunity to succeed. We  can assist the next generation so they too have an opportunity to be successful.  You can help Hallmark students reach the American dream by committing to scholarship and pray for students in need. If you have any questions that I might answer about the school or how to participate contact me through this  address dean@deanrush.com or www.Hallmark.edu.

In Him