A Plan for Citizenship

We are a nation of immigrants

We are a nation of immigrants who have been blessed to live in a free society with hope for the future. The following plan is intended to help our generation and the next  share our blessing. It is essential that we deal wisely with all current residents. Yes, some have arrived here  illegally. We are foolish to think that 11 million people could be or should be deported immediately to their home countries. Most of these immigrants have become productive members of our work force and desire to be contributing members of  society.  If we can provide a reasonable path for these people to become US citizens and contributing members of our communities, we all win. It is also important to stop the flow of illegal immigrants who would continue to exacerbate the problem. We need a starting point to re-establish legal entry just as our fore-fathers experienced. 

Citizenship : Intent of the Process

The intent of the process, described in this article, is to provide a path for all who presently reside in the United States, without legal entry, the opportunity to earn citizenship if they meet certain criteria. The procedure suggested  would result in a path to citizenship, reunite, or maintain families already present in this country, identify felons who should  be deported, and, in the final phase, become a track for people to  become fully accredited citizens.

Citizenship Plan Guarantee

I believe the citizenship  plan allows family members avoid separation during the process of application. It allows for persons already in the US to work, establish citizenship, and become productive, tax paying, contributors to our society during the application process.

The first step in the program is to shut off all illegal entry to our borders. There  must be a starting point.  Closing the border will stop the influx of people which is complicating any possibility of a reasonable solution. Sealing the border  also provides a starting point to provide citizenship opportunities for  the people who are here to become legitimate citizens.If there is no starting point there will be a deluge of people who will dilute the process of legally adopting the undocumented who are here now.

Here are the basic elements of the citizenship plan:

1. The borders be sealed, stopping all illegal entry and a starting point for a plath to citizenship.   

2. Undocumented citizens would be required to register as applicants for citizenship:

    a. They must register within 3 months of the date of implementation.

    b. Anyone not registering in the designated period will be deported with their families.

    c. Applicants would register at the local drivers license bureau.

    d. Upon registering, the applicant  would be finger printed and background checked.

    e. All applicants with felony backgrounds would be immediately deported.

  3. After registering, the individual would be  issued a “Red” drivers license. 

    a. The Red drivers license would act as a temporary identification card and work permit.

    b. After registering the applicant would begin paying taxes. No welfare or social security

        would be paid for a period of one year from the end of the application period

    c. Applicants would .attend a short class on the basic operation of our government.

4. When listed steps are completed the applicant would be granted citizenship without the right to vote for five years from the date of application approval.

   a. A normal drivers license would replace the RED license at the end of the five year waitinb period.

   b. The applicant could then apply for their immediate family to be processed.

   c. Applicants would be taxed 2% of their wages to pay for the program during processing.

   d. A limit of 90 days would be given for the government to process the applications.

   e. No government subsidy would be paid to the applicant until completion.   

I am aware this is only an idea. The process might be considered too simplistic. With prayer and better ideas from you, we can work together to establish a workable plan. Pray about how you can improve on the ideas discussed in this article. My intent is simply to find a realistic and fair way to solve the present delimma. Sealing the borders is a first step. The action simply gives us a starting point and re-establishes a process for visitors to go through a proper legal process to enter the USA. If you like the idea forward it to your elected government official. The thoughts herein are not aimed at either political party.  There is no pride of authorship.We need to solve the problem.

In Him