Dean Rush teaches on ethical standards in business and life to help you better assess, plan and achieve outcomes.

Dean was raised on a farm in the Midwest and learned to fly at an early age eventually landing him in the Air Force as a career where he served as a pilot, test pilot, and Special Forces operations pilot during the Vietnam conflict.  After leaving the Air Force Dean co-founded Emerald Airlines which was a small cargo / passenger airline as a feeder for Pan American World Airways. 

Dean is the recipient of a Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and 10 Air Medals for valor.

Dean has served on the Advisory Board of:

  • Piper Aircraft
  • Fairchild Aircraft
  • The National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA)

Dean has served as a Director of:

  • The General Aviation Manufacturers Association 
  • The National Aircraft Resale Association and other trade organizations. 

Over the years, Dean has been involved in ownership of a number of small businesses & served as president of :

  • A division of AMR Combs
  • Fairchild Dornier Aircraft Company
  • Signature Combs Aviation Aircraft Sales Company 


Following 9/11 Dean served on the Aviation Security Task Force which established procedures to allow safe travel on aircraft in the United States and Europe.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from DePauw University
  • Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration from Golden Gate University
  • Masters degree in Religious Studies from Liberty University

He has been married for 52 years to his wife Vickie, has two children, and four grandchildren.