Who is Dean Rush?

Dean Rush is a man who has seen the ups and downs of life both on the ground and in the air.  He learned to fly at a young age and eventually joined the Air Force to serve his country in Vietnam. He has seen the ups and downs of the military as a pilot. A lifelong entrepreneur, Dean has developed and managed several companies throughout his career. He has seen the ups and downs of business both as a small startup entrepreneur and as a corporate officer in a Fortune 100 company. Twice a cancer survivor, Dean has seen the ups and downs in his own life as well.


Dean has a passion for sharing both his life experiences as well as those of the men and women he has mentored, befriended and counseled through the years in business and the pastorate. With a heart for those in need, Dean has reached out with a helping hand and a open mind. His primary goal is to improve leadership in corporate America by developing leaders who will bring biblical standards in the workplace.


Where does Dean come from?


After growing up on a farm in Indiana, graduating from DePauw University Dean Rush spent a career in aviation beginning with an 11 year stint in the Air Force as a pilot, test pilot, and Special Forces operations pilot during the Vietnam conflict. He was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and 10 Air Medals for valor, a Bronze Star and other medals during his tour of duty. After leaving the Air Force, Dean and two other men founded Emerald Airlines, a small cargo airline that eventually became one of the first regional feeders for FEDEX and Pan American Airways.


Over the years he has been involved in ownership of a number of small businesses, has served as president of a division of American Airlines (AMR Combs  Aircraft Sales Division), Signature Flight Support aircraft sales division, nine Signature Flight Support Maintenance facilities around the world and Fairchild Dornier Aircraft Company.


He has served on the board of advisors for Piper Aircraft, Fairchild Aircraft, and the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA). Following 9/11 he served on the Aviation Security Task Force to establish procedures to allow safe travel on aircraft in the United States and Europe.


Dean earned a Masters in Public Administration and Business Administration from Golden Gate University and a Masters in Religious Studies from Liberty University. He currently serves as Pastor of Ministry Operations at First Evangelical Free Church in Austin, Texas has been married for 44 years, has two children and 4 grandchildren.